Fast Pass Tips: Epcot

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It’s no secret that Epcot is not Disney World’s busiest park but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to make your Fast Pass reservations. In this series, I am going to talk about how Fast Passes work and what rides to get them for and which ride you shouldn’t waste them on.  Tier System All […]

Magic & Mice Podcast

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After starting my podcast back in September I knew it needed a name and this was something that I have struggled with. I wanted a name that was catchy but embodied what I was going to be talking about. So after several hours of daydreaming and brainstorming, I finally came up with a name that I really […]

Love it, Hate it, or Update it: Epcot

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Each Disney park holds a special place in my heart and Epcot is no different. Which its rich history and charm, Epcot is one of my favorite parks to go to. However, over the years it has become no secret that the once renowned Disney park is a bit outdated. Thankfully, over the coming years, […]

Love It, Hate It, Or Update It: Animal Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom is in an interesting position right now because it currently has the most recent addition. Obviously, that will soon change with the opening of Toy Story Land, maybe the lines will go down for Flights of Passage (probably not). Anyway, Animal Kingdom has Pandora but it also has several rides and attractions that are […]

December Podcasts

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The Holiday Season is upon us and both Universal and Disney are ready with enough lights and garland to satisfy the most festive of people.This month we are going to be finishing up the “Love It, Hate It, or Update It” series and several other Holiday themed podcasts.  Love It, Hate It, Update It: Animal […]

Love It, Hate It, or Update It: Magic Kingdom

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The Magic Kingdom is Walt Disney World’s most popular tourist destination in Florida and potentially the whole United States. However, this park is not without faults so in this week’s podcast I talk about which rides & attractions I love, hate, or need a bit of updating.  Jungle Cruise- Love It I know the animatronics on […]