What Does 23-19 Mean?

This was a question I honestly didn’t know I wanted an answer to until I watched the SuperCarlinBrothers video about this. In the video, they explained that 23-19 corresponds with the letters W & S. So, in Monsters, Inc. when they yell out “it’s a 23-19!!” Which is actually code for W-S or White Sock… which is what was on George’s shoulder. Needless to say, I hated this theory and the following theory which was that 23-19 was actually the piracy law prohibiting the illegal filming/stealing of film.

Is 23-19 A Year?

I was set on finding a new theory about 23-19 that satisfied my craving for a good old conspiracy theory. When I fist set out on this journey I could not stop thinking that 23-19 was actually a year. So I started looking Wall-e since it takes place in the future and I knew that in the movie there was a scene with the birth and death dates of the captains of the Axiom.The humans officially abandoned Earth in 2110 and didn’t return until 2805. The year 2319 happened was during the first captain’s term which was 2105 – 2248. I started looking at those dates and trying to form a theory but I had little to no evidence to back anything up. I couldn’t prove that during the first captain’s term that anything interesting happened. After a few hours of research, I could not come up with a valid theory.

Then I looked at Buy n Large, which is the fascinating part of the Pixar Universe in my opinion and again I couldn’t really find anything. Buy n Large had become a worldwide leader in the fields of aerospace, agriculture, construction, consumer goods, corporate grooming, earth transport, electronics, energy, engineering, finance, food services, fusion research, government, hydro-power, infrastructures, media, medical science, mortgage loans, pet care, pharmaceuticals, psychotherapies, ports and harbors, real estate, repairs, retail, robotics, science/health, space, storage, super centers, super grids, travel services, utilities, and watermills. The corporation’s control affected other companies as well. It seemed as though other businesses wanted BnL to buy them out, such as Headr Inc. which gave BnL control of the world news headlines. They pretty much did everything.

Still no explanation for 23-19.

Then one day I was bored and my friend had sent me her paper to proofread for and assignment. Then I had figured out the what tied 23-19 to the Disney/ Pixar Universe…. Disney was founded in 1923.

It’s not the best theory… but it’s better than “White sock.”