5 Best Magic Kingdom Rides

Living in Florida definitely, has its perks, one of those is being incredibly close to Disney World. We go to Disney World as often as we can and here are the top 5 rides that I have to go on every single time I got to the Magic Kingdom.

The People Mover

This is by far my favorite ride in the whole Magic Kingdom. I wish that the people mover went all over the Magic Kingdom because I could literally ride this all day long. It is just so relaxing and you get a great view of all of Tomorrowland and the castle. You also get to go into Space Mountain and if you are luck it will be broken down and the lights for Space Mountain will be on. You also get to see the model the original Epcot, which was actually supposed to be a city not really a theme park.

If you are going to the Magic Kingdom you have to go on the People Mover! Another great plus is the wait for this ride is hardly ever long because it is continuously moving.

The Haunted Mansion

The theming for this ride is just spectacular. Plus I love how it isn’t your typical happy Disney ride. This ride is a staple for the Magic Kingdom in my eyes. My favorite part of this ride is the ballroom scene where you see the ghosts dancing and they look like actual ghosts, thanks to some mirrors.

The haunted mansion just has great theming, a great story, and it’s just an overall fantastic ride.

Space Mountain

When I think of Tomorrowland I think of Space Mountain, it is just the embodiment of the theme of Tomorrowland. I love the interactive games in the queue and the soundtrack that really gets you in the futuristic- space mood. The ride itself is fantastic rollercoaster that really screams “thrill ride.” Now some people will say “it’s just a rollercoaster in the dark, with a negative connotation, but honestly when you ride a rollercoaster in the dark there is really nothing like it.

Thunder Mountain

Yeah, I am a sucker for a good rollercoaster. Again, I just love the theming of this ride and the roller coaster itself is really good. I mean if you compare it to the Hulk at Universal, you will be disappointed but this is still a pretty amazing ride.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

This ride is similar to the Men In Black Ride at Universal Studios, which happens to be on of my favorites. So it is not surprising that this ride makes my list. Not only I am amzing at this ride but it is incredibly fun to compete against the person in the cart with you. The theming for this ride is absolutely spot on with the whole Toy Story Space Ranger thing they are going for. This ride, like Space Mountain, is a staple of Tomorrowland.

Alright and that does it for my top 5 favorite rides at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. How does my list differ from yours? What are your favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom?