Animal Abuse On The Set Of “A Dog’s Purpose”

Now I made my opinion of this movie very clear from the beginning, and if you want to read about it, here is the link. 

A video just surfaced of a German Shepard being shoved into rushing water in order to film a scene. In the scene, the dog is supposed to be in a rushing river. However, for safety reasons the filmmakers created a pool where a machine would create waves and mist, so it would look like a rushing river. The problem with this is the dog wanted nothing to do with this fake river. In the video, you can clearly see the trainer shoving the dog into the water. It’s incredibly depressing to see.

The PETA representative that was on set during the time that this happened has since been fired and PETA has been all over this incident. They are calling for all animal lovers to protest this movie, and since I wasn’t going to see it anyway, that really isn’t a problem for me.

So what is a “Dog’s Purpose?”

This film is supposed to promote the friendship and the bond between people and dogs… and yet. As it turns out a dog’s purpose it to serve man and when they don’t we just force them to against their will.