What Are The Odds That You Exist?

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You are one of seven billion people living on Earth at this very moment and you one of the hundred billion homo sapiens to ever have lived here over the course of history. That in itself is pretty amazing because the probability of you existing at all is incredibly low. In most cases for you […]

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My Biggest Fear

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I am constantly facing my biggest fear and it is a fear that many creative people face. A good example of this is my youtube channel. I started my youtube channel back in 2012 and I was making little fan made music videos for One Direction song… trust me I know how lame that sounds. […]

Abortion- The Gray Area

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We all knew I was going to talk about it sooner or later, but for those of you who have been in a 25-year coma and are just now waking up … I’m sorry. The abortion debate has been going on forever, but it has gotten really nasty these past few years. The battle between […]

6 Truths About Online College

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I’m taking online classes right now because it works best with my work schedule. I really love taking my classes online because I can pretty much do the work whenever I want and I don’t have to plan my day around actually going to class. However, there ae a few things that bother me about […]