The “New” iPhone

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Apple released their new iPhone models that are set to hit the market in the coming months. The iPhone X is going to be available November 13, 2017, and they are available for Pre-Order Oct. 27, 2017. Whereas the iPhone 8 is available Sept. 22, 2017, and Pre-Ordering starts Sept. 15, 2017. So the questions many […]

A Pizza That Delivers Itself

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In late August Ford and Domino’s Pizza announced that they have teamed up to work on a project that could potentially change the pizza delivery game forever. The two companies have created a driverless car that will drive your pizza to your house. Then you will input a 4 digit code into the screen on […]

A Generation of “Weakness”

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Recently, I watched the video above and as a millennial, I was fully prepared to disagree with everything that was said in this video. It bothers me when older generation complains about mine because they depict us as entitled, depressed, and lazy people. Not to say that isn’t true in some cases but it is certainly […]

Social Media Identity Addiction

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As a millennial, I feel that my reputation proceeds me on this subject. When we think of the negative impacts of social media we tend to think of the instant gratification or the loss of emotional intelligence. However, one thing that I believe is truly harming our society is the constant competition which leads to social […]

Is Google the Real Life Buy n Large?

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What is Buy n Large? Buy n Large is a fictional company of the Pixar Universe. You will see BnL products in just about every Pixar Movie, most famously Wall-e. According to The History of Buy n Large, the corporation got its start as a maker of frozen yogurt called “Buy Yogurt.” Later on, the […]

Abortion- The Gray Area

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We all knew I was going to talk about it sooner or later, but for those of you who have been in a 25-year coma and are just now waking up … I’m sorry. The abortion debate has been going on forever, but it has gotten really nasty these past few years. The battle between […]

What Does 23-19 Mean?

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This was a question I honestly didn’t know I wanted an answer to until I watched the SuperCarlinBrothers video about this. In the video, they explained that 23-19 corresponds with the letters W & S. So, in Monsters, Inc. when they yell out “it’s a 23-19!!” Which¬†is actually code for W-S or White Sock… which […]