A Dog’s Purpose: Just Another Dog Movie You’re Going to Cry Through

If you have not seen the trailer for this movie consider yourself lucky, because you just saved yourself from crying in front of your friends and family. This movie is based off the book “A Dog’s Purpose” written by W. Bruce Cameron. Long story short if you have seen the trailer or read the book you have a pretty good idea of how this story is going to go. But if you don’t here is a little snapshot of the plot: The dog is born, the dog dies, the dog is born again… repeat. However, if you throw some inspirational music in the background and a sad- relatable story you have a blockbuster. 

I don’t want to sound like I am completely against this movie before it even comes out, but I am. I am really sick of the same dog movie over and over and over again… and this one is almost worst because they are cramming several stories together in one 120 min. production. It is just another one of those “Hallmark-type” movies that are going to make you feel really good inside afterward, but you will probably cry a few times.

If anything that is what gets me the most upset about this movie. I can look at the cover of the book and tell you a good portion of the plot without any need for more information. However, when I watch the trailer I still have to fight back tears. So the fact that I know what happens and it still gets to me, irks me. We all know how dog movies end… the dog dies… and it is this awful scene where the own is crying and saying goodbye… but it happens in EVERY movie. I could watch Marley and Me nonstop for a week and I would probably still cry at the end. However, in this movie, we can bank on the fact that there is not going to be just one of these scenes but several.

I realize that this whole “reincarnation” element makes this story unique but it still follows that same formula as all the other dog movies I love to hate. And I am sure that this movie is going to have some stupid ending where we find out what a dog’s purpose is, and it will probably be something cliche like friendship.

The one good part about this movie is the website. If you go to  you will see a wall of dog pictures and some of them are up for adoption. So I support using this film to bring awareness to dogs that need homes, but dog films need to stop reusing the same old- overused- shallow plot.