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So this is actually a really cool pabout these custom name prints is that I started a few months ago. One of my moms friends wanted something cool to hang in his man cave. So I came up with this cool idea to combine what he likes with his name. I made one for his first name and last name, one superman themed and one Pittsburgh Penguins themed. He absolutely

word poster-01 loved them and I figured that I could do this for other people. Whats cool about this is it say whatever you want and it can be whatever theme you want so it really is completely custom.

If you want to use your own pictures be sure to send them to me in the best resolution you have, the better the resolution the better the better the print will look. If I get a poor quality image I will let you know and go over our options. Here are some theme ideas if you are having trouble coming up with one.
– Disney
– Disney Princess
– Pixar
– Marvel
– DC Comics
– Beach
– Food


I usually can complete the design within a day, and I will send you a proof, before I send it to print. As soon as you approve it, I will send your design to print.


Printing times can vary, but usually it take between 1-5 business days depending on the print shops time schedule. It is a custom size print so it can take a little longer than a standard size print. Even though this is a custom print, does not mean you can’t find a frame for it. 36x 11.75 is commonly not a standard size offered by commercial printers, but you can find frames in most stores and online.


As soon as I get the tracking number I will mark your order as shipped and provide you with the tacking number and let you know when you should expect your order.