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Neverland Poster

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Disney is one of my favorite things ever and it is no secret that Disney uses color to portray the mood of a scene. In this series I picked the color blue and created my favorite Disney scenes that correspond to that color.

First we have the “Hakuna Matata” Print which is a classic scene in The Lion King, as many of you know. Everything in the image was made in illustrator. Getting the moon to glow right and the sky to be the right shades of blue were probable the most challenging factors in this piece.

Next it the “Part of Your World” Print, this is honestly my favorite song in the whole movie. Next would be when she loses her voice. The hardest part about this print was finding the font. I had a specific font style in my head and all I had to do was go on and find it, seems like a pretty simple process. Well it took me over an hour to find that font. Normally I don’t spend that long looking for the perfect font because I already have quite the collection, but every now and then I will spend forever finding the perfect font.

“Just Keep Swimming.” Since the new Finding Dory movie is coming out I figured that this would be a good one to add to the collection. The hardest part about this was the fish. When I fish designed the clown fish they looked too much like goldfish crackers.

“Take Me To Neverland.” This is my all time favorite print! I wanted the gradient to mimic the look of the Milky Way in the sky and it actually contain 4 different shades of blue to achieve that. Next I added the glowing moon and the kids and then the text. Something felt missing so I added some stars to get rid of some of the white space, but it still looked empty. Then I decided to all the London skyline, because I remember one of the greatest parts of the movie was when they were flying through the city of London and you got to see some of the main tourist attractions, like the bridge and Big Ben.

I really love these posters and I ended up ordering the “Part of Your World” and “Take Me to Neverland” prints for myself. Click the link above to purchase my Disney Blue Series Prints for yourself!!

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