Dogs Leave Paw Prints On Our Hearts- Custom Print

Memorial Day Card-01

I am going to be introducing this as a custom print on my Etsy shop. People can send me pictures of their dog(s) and chose which saying they want and I will make something like this. I might consider letting them chose the background as well and really make this a custom print. I really like making things that are completely custom, because I like having choices and complete creative freedom. This one is actually for my Aunt. Her birthday is coming up and she is one of those people who absolutely Custom Print - DogsLOVES her dogs, so I felt that this would be perfect. I am going to put it in a nice white frame I got from Hobby Lobby. Funny story about that frame, I went to get a white frame for a 11×17 for another project I am doing but I liked the one I bough so much I completely disregarded its size, which was 11×14. So now I have to go BACK to Hobby Lobby.

I really like this print and I would love to get it printed on actual wood but it’s too expensive, plus I already have this wonderful frame that I accidentally bought. I actually saw a similar idea on Pinterest and I really wanted to make something similar.

Anyway I will keep everyone posted on when you can get this custom dog print.