Donald Trump’s Presidency: Never Stop Protesting!

Donald Trump is President and there really isn’t much we can do about it except hope that he does well. I am partially optimistic that Trump will not completely ruin our country but at the same time, I see the Purge in our future…. I mean just look at the slogan. “Keep America Great.”

Right now I am seeing a lot of people on Facebook right now either really happy for this new Presidency or really upset. Once his term starts moving forward we will ALL have a better idea as to who our President is. I pray that everyone who voted for him has better judgment than I do. I hope that I was wrong, for the sake of the country.

Never Stop Protesting!

Another thing I am seeing quite a bit of is the amount of protesting and the radical difference between a number of people who went to the 2009 inauguration and this one. I am not a believer in violent protests, and would never partake in one but at the same time, I have the strong desire to throw something. People who use violence to display their thoughts and beliefs should be punished because you are not above the law because you are mad. However, people who are getting angry over others performing a perfectly peaceful protest make me ill. I hear all day long about how all of the protesters should “suck it up” and face their loss. No. This is not about which candidate won or loss this is about us. Hilary supporters are not mad that SHE lost they are mad the HE won.

Again, I hope I am wrong about him. I hope the protests never stop I hope they go on during his whole term (unless he turns out to be an alright president… but don’t hold your breath). I am sick of people just rolling over and letting horrible things happen without a fight and I’m sick of not having a voice.

We should live in a country that treats everyone equally.

African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Middle Eastern Americans, Asian Americans European Americans … EVERYONE. I want to live in a country that aids hard working Americans that just can’t catch a break. I want to live in a country that welcomes immigrants and helps them become citizens of this once great country. Everything that Trump stands for is not what America should be about.

The one amazing thing I saw during this election was a number of people my age (20ish) that cared. I was honestly shocked. I lot of cheating went on during this election and we will probably never know the full story but I like to believe that when my generation gets older and we have children things will get better. There are a number of teenagers who could not vote because they weren’t old enough that saw exactly what I saw. We will eventually outnumber the type of people who believe someone like Trump would make a great leader.

I see a wave of change in our future.

I believe the next presidential election will have a much different outcome. Unless Trump is impeached (Lord lets hope so) he will definitely run again. His ego is too big for him to opt out. However, in 4 years we are going to have a whole new generation of people who will want change.

Until that day comes, stay strong and love everyone.