How to Fail at Social Media

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In the last few years social media has not only become a source of entertainment, but also a great way to advertise. Some companies have found the formula that works for them, while others struggle. We all have probably heard what we should be doing, but let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do and avoid being on the “12 worst social media fails- so far” list.  Recently I found an article on how to fail at social media, to give you an idea as of what you should not start doing and if you are doing them to stop.

1. Self- Promotion Overload

At the end of the day you are a business, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time talking about yourself. In fact, 45% of your followers will unfollow you if all you do is self-promote and push product in their face. I feel like as businesses people tend to think about what is going to make them money so they believe that pushing ads is the way to go but they couldn’t be more wrong. All they are being is annoying.

2. Antisocial Media

The whole point of social media is to connect with people, answer their questions, go behind the scenes, and so much more. If you aren’t being social on social media there really isn’t a point to using it at all because either way, you are missing out on a huge audience.

3. Side Project

Maybe a few years ago this was acceptable but now social media is a full-time job. Constantly, keeping up with current events, what is trending in your market, and telling your story in slightly different ways on different social media platforms is a huge job that deserves your full attention. If you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to social media, you might want to seriously consider hiring someone for the job. If you take social media seriously it can really benefit your company in the long run!

4. Be Consistent!

At my job we have a content calendar, so every day of the week we are posting the same general thing. For example, on Mondays, we will post an infographic or image that coincides with Real Estate (since I work for a Real Estate company). On Tuesdays, it’s all about self- promotion, like I said earlier don’t over do it. Usually, I post about a new listing we have, a closing, or an open house. Wednesday, is our blog post day, so we will post a 300+ word blog about anything from decorating for fall to answering common questions like “what is escrow?” Then we blast the blog post to all our social media platforms. Thursday, we are back to visuals like pictures or infographics. Finally, on Friday we post our Agents in Action video to youtube and blast it across the board. This video shows what our agents have been doing behind the scenes, like an office party, girls night, Halloween pranks, the list is endless. It is about posting interesting information that people value and/or find entertaining.

It is important to post regularly and be consistent in what you are posting about and when you are posting. it would be weird for me to post about the latest makeup trends when that has nothing to do with Real Estate.

If you take anything away from this, don’t over self- promote, take social media seriously, and have a plan!