Halloween Horror Nights 27

Halloween Horror Nights 27 was another amazing year and I am so glad that I went, especially since this was the first year I was able to drink! In this podcast, I go over the houses that we did and all the scare zones, as well as the Bill and Ted Show. 

The Houses

The houses this year, overall, were very good. This year the original houses were actually better than the IPs, however, I was still very impressed by the Blumhouse House, The Shining, and Saw. If you only have time to go in 3 houses this year, I would suggest The Fallen, Dead Waters, and Blumhouse. Those were the best houses this year in my opinion. If you have time throw in Scarecrow the reaping and The Shining. 

Luckily we only waited 5-10 minutes for the first 3 houses we went in and from then on only about 20-30 for the rest. Saw was the only house we waited 80 minutes for, and to be honest it really wasn’t worth it. If the line was shorter I think I would’ve enjoyed the house much more. Nevertheless, it was still a really good house and if you are a big Saw fan or the wait time is short I would suggest going in it. 

The Scarezones

This year the scare zones were pretty good, there really isn’t one that stands out to me. They were very well done, but average. The Purge scare zone was brought back, which was a fan favorite back for HHN 24 and they put a little more effort into it this year. Meaning they had a lot more scare actors working this zone and they had a lot more to do and look at in this scare zone versus in the past. The worst scare zone, in my opinion, was the very first zone if you walk straight into the park. This was the zone that featured one character from each of the houses, and it just wasn’t well done at all. It honestly looked like it was slapped together at the last minute. There were just not enough scare actors and decor to make this a great scare zone. 

On the flipside, the best scare zone this year is definitely The Purge or Trick or Treat. I liked the Hollywood Party, but I don’t think the theme was carried through effectively. Meaning I would have never known that scare zone was supposed to be a Hollywood Party, it was just a scare zone filled will exotic dancers and people on stilts… it was very random. However, The Purge was well done for the second time, they basically did the same thing they did in years past but just on a bigger scale. The Trick-or-Treat scare zone looked incredible at night and the costumes were very creative and I really liked that scare zone. 

The Bill & Ted Show

This is the last year for the Bill & Ted Show and it was so incredibly sad. I mean the show itself was funny as always, but they had like a montage before and after the show of all the past Bill & Ted shows. 

If you don’t know the reason behind the end of the Bill and Ted show, it is because Universal is tearing down the Fear Factor stage. I believe it is going to be replaced by the Fast and the Furious ride, but I am not completely sure. However, I am hoping that after the ride is complete that they can find another place for the Bill & Ted show. I would love to see a comeback!