HHN 27: 6 House Unmasking Tour w/ New Insidious 4 Insight

In this week’s podcast, I talk about the 6 House Unmasking Tour that my brother, Ben, and I did. It was Ben’s birthday coming up and I decided that since we are both huge Halloween Horror Nights fans, the perfect birthday present for him would be this Unmasking tour. 

So we went in Hive, The Horrors of Blum House, American Horror Story, The Shining, The Fallen, and Deep Waters. I was honestly shocked and grateful that we went in Blumhouse because I didn’t think we were going to. I thought we would go in American Horror Story, The Shining, and then all four of the original houses. Needless to say, that was a pleasant surprise for both of us since we are both massive fans of Sinister, The Purge, and Insidious.

New Insidious Movie

In The Horrors of Blumhouse, the house starts off in Sinister, then The Purge, and finally Insidious. In the Insidious section, they go through the first three movies and then the last three rooms of the house are all from the new Insidious movie that has yet to come out. The directors of the new movie literally sent Universal pictures of what some of the sets look like and Universal copied them precisely. Our tour guide gave us some interesting facts about the movie and how everything in the house really tells the story. 

To start off you are in a child’s room with bunk beds and off to the right is a sheet that scare actors stand behind and the father beats the child scare actor… all of this is presented as a silhouette to the people walking through the house. The father beating the child is going to be the movie’s villain, whose name is The Key Master. He got his name because he used to be a prison guard and he had all these keys… well now his fingers have turned to keys. I am not sure how that works but I am interested to see that. 

The next room you go into is this bunker type room. You will find a bunch of gas masks and it is honestly a doomsday prepper’s wet dream in there. The room after that holds several chambers where there is a guy being electrocuted and several other things. This all somehow plays into the movies’ plot, according to our tour guide.  

Take Away’s

This was honestly a fantastic tour and well worth the money. I think the only thing I wish they would’ve included in this tour was food and drinks. We met over in the Blue Man Group and they told us that could pre-order food so when we came back for a break our food would be waiting for us. This seems like a good idea until you find out that a hot dog was $10 and a bottle of water was $4.50. So that was really my only complaint because our tour guide was amazing. I would love to mention out tour guides name but in my podcast, I show video and pictures of things I wasn’t supposed to take video and pictures of and I don’t want to get our tour guide in any trouble.