Welcome to my blog! Congratulations you have now entered the very crazy mind of a 20-something. You can plan on this blog being incredibly interesting. I have tried to include a wide variety of topics that I am interested in and that I believe other people would like to read.

What Can You Expect From This Blog?

Since I was born and raised in Florida I have a deep love for everything Disney and Universal so you can definitely expect a lot of theme┬ápark blog posts. I also love to talk about science and space in my spare time. oh and let’s not forget the graphic design aspect of my life. As a full-time graphic designer and marketing specialist, this is a massive aspect of my life. I plan on sharing some of my recent projects, asking for advice, sharing tips and tricks, and of course work in progress reports. Last but certainly not least, movies and music. When it comes to movies and music I am pretty hard to please, especially when it comes to movies. You will soon learn that I like to tear movies about and as my mother likes to say “you ruined the movie!”

More About Me