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Introducing: EM Podcasts

For several weeks now I have been trying to decide what to do with my Youtube Channel. Recently, I have noticed more and more people are going in one of two directions with their channels: vlogging or podcasts. I did the vlogging thing for a while back in the day and it really just wasn’t for me. I think because a lot of production goes into vlogging that the average person doesn’t know. Lighting, camera, microphone, editing, thumbnails, makeup, hair… and the list goes on. So I knew that if I started vlogging again it just wouldn’t last because they are just too much work for me to handle right now with everything else I have going on. 

Then the other day I noticed that this guy I used to go to High School with is starting his own podcast and I thought “Well if he can do it, anyone can do it.” So literally that day I recorded the first podcast and today I have been working on the thumbnail and just the overall branding of the show. 

What to Expect?

With these podcasts, you can expect me to talk about subjects that I normally talk about on my blog. In fact, the first two podcasts are going to be me talking a little more in-depth about my blog posts. As everyone probably knows I will be talking about Disney & Universal a lot as well as Marvel and DC. I will also talk about really anything that is shaking up pop culture or is causing controversy. Also, I plan to get other people to talk with me so it won’t just be me all the time. 

When Will They Come Out?

The first one should be up by Saturday and I will try to record another one that night. This is something I am really excited about so I can see myself sticking to this. I already have 3 other topics and points of conversation to talk about for upcoming episodes and I have my car set up so if I need to I can record one in my car. 

Why Podcasts are the Best! 

I think one of the main reasons I love podcasts so much is they are so much cheaper than regular vlogging. I had a Yeti microphone that I am now putting to good use but you also don’t have to worry about a tripod, the camera, the lighting, and the sound. You just set up the mic and boom your good to go. So look out for my new podcast on my Youtube Channel!