Lakeland Photography 

Lake Morton Trees

I was born and raised in Lakeland, Fl so when I got the opportunity to go out and take pictures of this beautiful city I was ecstatic. I hit all the popular places in downtown, Lake Morton, Lake Mirror, and Hollis Gardens. Below I have provided you with my favorites from this photoshoot.

Lakeland is Small But Mighty

This is a small town that lies between Tampa and Orlando and it continues to grow every day. This town is amazing to live in, we have an outstanding art and environmental community. We have several lakes (hence the name Lakeland) that are solely for our swans. Fun fact: Lakeland is obsessed with swans. We have a ton of them and they are pretty much the icon of the city when you think of Lakeland you think of swans. Our city is constantly exploring new fads and has a ton of local events going on all the time. It is very connected.

I believe within the next several years Lakeland is really going to blossom into a powerhouse like Orlando and Tampa. We just had a new University open that is drawing a lot of attention and we have several new businesses moving in. It is exciting to live in a town that is labeled as “Up & Coming.”


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