Love It, Hate It, & Update It: Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is one of the Disney Parks that is going to be getting a ton of updates in the upcoming years. Everything from Toy Story Land to Star Wars: Galaxies Edge, Hollywood Studios is under a lot of construction and in a few years, it is going to look completely different. 

However, until all that construction is completed Hollywood Studios is one of the most underwhelming parks on Disney property. With only 4 rides and couple shows, Hollywood Studios has become known as a “half-day park, because there is just not enough for people to do all day like at the Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom. So in this week’s podcast, I am going to take a look at each of the 4 rides and 1 attraction offered at Hollywood Studios and see if I think they should stay or become part of the construction. 

Star Tours – Update It

This ride going to be seeing a lot more action in the coming years’ thanks to the new Star Wars: Galaxies Edge. Thankfully Star Tours have seen several updates over the years with all the new Star Wars movies coming out. In fact, they are coming out with a new “story” for the ride in the next few weeks. If you don’t know there are several different “stories” that you can experience on this ride so no two rides are exactly same (unless you are like me and go every weekend). 

I think the ride itself is perfect and should stay the same. However, I think the actual ride cars themselves could do with some updating. Just better seats and more threatening inside the ride simulator. So nothing major just some touch-ups.  

Rocking Roller Coaster – Update It

This is one of my favorite rides at Hollywood Studios because I love a good roller coaster. However, seeing a stunningly young Steven Tyler is a little weird. So maybe if they retracted Aerosmith from the equation and made it all rock heroes or more of a rock and roll hall of fame type thing it would be better. All you would really have to do is change the pre-show and add more rock heroes to the entrance of the ride so it isn’t all about Aerosmith. 

Tower of Terror – Love It

I love the Tower of Terror! If Disney decided tomorrow that they were going to change our Tower of Terror to something Guardians of the Galaxy themed like over in California, I would start an all-out war. Everything about this ride I love from the theming to the pre-show, and the ride itself… I think it is absolutely perfect. 

Toy Story Mania! – Love It

Toy Story Land is set to open in the summer of 2018, which means that this ride is going to be getting a lot more attention. So being one of the newer rides in the park I don’t think it really needs any sort of updating and I think it is a fun ride the definitely deserves its place in the park.

Muppet Vision 3D – Hate It

Burn it to the ground. 

In fact, burn the whole Muppet section to the ground. I have never liked or really understood the muppets and why people even like them. To me, they are just a crappier version of Sesame Street and they have no business being in Hollywood Studios, or really any Disney Park. They just don’t make any sense and they aren’t even funny. Every time I go back to this section it is completely dead and it features a restaurant that isn’t good along with a terrible show. However, to be completely honest, even if they redid this entire section and it was brand new with a better restaurant and cool ride/attraction… I would still hate it. 

I believe Disney claims it as a “kids section” but the problem with that is no child recognizes these characters. On top of that Hollywood Studios has the Disney Jr. sections and if I am being completely honest this park isn’t for kids. Hollywood Studios was built to directly compete with Universal Studios who boast several thrill actions for older kids and adults, while at the time Disney had nothing like that to compete for the older demographic. 

In Conclusion…

Hollywood Studios is a sad place to be right now since there are only 4 rides and a few shows, plus Star Wars seems to be leaking all over the park. Hopefully once Star Wars: Galaxies Edge opens Disney will contain all that Star Wars to just this section. That way Hollywood Studios can reclaim its name and throw people back into 1950’s Hollywood Glam. 

Let’s not forget about Mickey’s Run Away Railroad… not much has been said about this ride except that it will be in 2.5D instead of 3D and it will be going in the building that used to home The Great Movie Ride. 

I think Hollywood Studios has been struggling for a long time and I hope that with the opening of Toy Story Land and then Star Wars: Galaxies Edge, along with other new rides and attractions, Hollywood Studios will find its stride.