Love It, Hate It, or Update It: Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is Walt Disney World’s most popular tourist destination in Florida and potentially the whole United States. However, this park is not without faults so in this week’s podcast I talk about which rides & attractions I love, hate, or need a bit of updating. 

Jungle Cruise- Love It

I know the animatronics on the Jungle cruise are not the best. I mean the ride first opened in 1955 at Disneyland and then at the Magic Kingdom in 1971, so it’s old. However, I love this ride and honestly don’t think it needs to be changed… right now. If Disney released that they were going to be renovating The Jungle Cruise and updating all the animatronics I wouldn’t be against it. The animatronics are not what make the ride amazing, that would be the cast members or skippers as they are called. If you get a skipper who is just not into it the ride is honestly going to be boring and awful but if you get a skipper that liters their script full of puns, you are in for a great ride. 

Swiss Family Tree House – Hate It

This attraction is a giant waste of space and I hate it beyond belief. IT’S JUST STAIRS!! I actually ranted about this attraction in a previous blog post: 5 Worst Magic Kingdom Rides. I feel like with all the new technology and characters coming to the Disney parks this attraction could easily be replaced with something better. Over at Disneyland, they have this same attraction but it is Tarzan themed, which is honestly so much better. However, I don’t think it is very popular over there but it is much better than what we have. 

It’s A Small World- Update It

The only thing saving this ride from the “Hate it” list is the fact that it has so much history. Walt Disney himself designed this ride and it has grown in popularity ever since. Some people would be enraged it Disney decided to replace this ride, me not so much. I think something much more entertaining could go there, however, I do love the theme of It’s A Small World. That is why I choose to throw this attraction on the “Update It” list. 

This ride has so much potential and I believe it can be greater than what it is now. The animatronics on this ride are just plain sad and that blasted song they continuously play is annoying. Even the boats have seen better days. I just think this ride needs a major renovation. 

Peter Pan’s Flight – Update It

For some reason, this ride draws in one of the longest lines at the Magic Kingdom. Easily competing with Space Mountain and Seven Dwarves Mine Train for the longest wait time. In fact, if you wait 45 min to an hour for this ride, you should consider yourself lucky. However, I don’t understand why. This ride is as old as the hills and really hasn’t been touched since it opened. It is the pure definition of a classic ride that still has all its charm and the public still adores it. 

With that being said, I also love Peter Pan’s Flight because I love Peter Pan and I think that has a lot to do with it retaining its popularity. However, like I mentioned before this ride really hasn’t been touched since it opened in 1971. Back in 2014, the queue was updated to make it more interactive like we see with Seven Dwarves, Space Mountain, and Winnie the Pooh. 

Since this ride is a classic and it has retained its popularity over the years, I feel like it is an injustice to leave it the same. Updating this ride’s animatronics, graphics, and carts would go a long way and throw this ride back into the 21st century. 

People Mover – Update It

This is without a doubt my favorite Magic Kingdom attraction by far, but it has seen better days. I was worried about the announcement of the new Tron coaster going in Tomorrowland that the People Mover would have to be removed, altered, or shortened to accommodate this new ride. However, it appears as though the People Mover is safe.  

I love this ride so much and I wish it went throughout the whole park. However, I can’t help but look at this ride with sympathetic eyes because it is so outdated. Not much would have to be done to make it up to date and a great addition to Tomorrowland.