Love It, Hate It, or Update It: Universal Orlando

Universal Studios

These past two weeks I have posted podcasts about the rides/ attractions at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure that I either love, hate, or need to be updated. In the Universal Studios podcast, my brother and I talk about Shrek 4D, ET, Terminator, The Simpsons Ride, and Men in Black Alien Attack. 

Shrek 4D we agreed had seen better days and needs to be replaced with something else since the Shrek IP is just not what it once was. ET, on the other hand, is a classic attraction that we both still really enjoy. However, it would be really nice if they gave it an update. The Terminator show is actually already being replaced but we shed some light on what we think could be going there. Then finally the Simpsons Ride is one that I hate just because I am not a fan of the Simpsons and I believe that Back To The Future was a much better ride. However, my brother Ben disagreed and says that the Simpsons ride should stay. 


Islands of Adventure

Moving on to the next podcast, which focused on Islands of Adventure I talked about the Cat in the Hat, Storm Force, Jurassic Park River Adventure, Poseidon’s Fury, and the Popeye water ride. 

I mention that Islands of Adventure is my favorite out of the two just because I think that Island’s has better rides that Universal. From there I proceed to tear it apart. Cat in the Hat desperately needs to be updated because the animatronics are just sad. In Ben’s opinion, all of Suess Landing can go. However, I think it is really cute and it is really the only kid area in the park with characters that are recognizable. Storm Force is just a Tea Cups wannabe and it should be burned to the ground. Jurassic Park River Adventure, however, is a fantastic ride that was just recently updated and they did a great job with it. Plus Jurassic Park has new movies coming out in upcoming years which keep the IP alive and that park of the park is definitely a fan favorite. Poseidon’s Fury reminds me a little of the Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom because if you get a cast member that is really into it then you experience is going to be much better. However, this attraction could use a good updating because the acting is quite awful. Finally, is the Popeye water ride in the Toon area of Islands of Adventure right after the Marvel Universe section. In my opinion, this whole area needs to go because no one really knows who the characters are and there are much better uses for that whole space.