Love It, Hate It, Or Update It: Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is in an interesting position right now because it currently has the most recent addition. Obviously, that will soon change with the opening of Toy Story Land, maybe the lines will go down for Flights of Passage (probably not). Anyway, Animal Kingdom has Pandora but it also has several rides and attractions that are a little out of date and that is what I talk about in this week’s podcast. 

Dinosaur – Update It

I love this ride but hate the section it is in. Although this ride could use some updating it is one of those rides that doesn’t revolve around a character. Therefore if you have never seen the movie Dinosaur you won’t be lost since the ride and little to nothing to do with the ride. However, the section that this ride is in, Dinoland USA, is the saddest thing you will ever see. 

The giant playground area and fossil dig are really cool but the carnival rides make me angry. This is Disney and people are paying $100+ for carnival rides? This section is just a giant waste of space to me and I feel like Disney could do much better than “off the truck” carnival rides. 

I really wouldn’t even care if they got rid of this entire section and replaced it with something else. Don’t get me wrong I like the Dinosaur ride but if they were looking to replace it with something better I wouldn’t be opposed. 

Na’vi River Journey- Love It

Due to the extensive wait times for this ride, I have only ridden it twice. I can’t really say anything bad about this ride as far as technology goes because it is brand new and it uses cutting-edge technology. However, I thought it was a little short, and that could just be because I waited so long for it. I also wish it had more animatronics. There are two Na’vi animatronics and so other little insects and leaf animatronics, but for the most part, it’s all screens. I was hoping when the concept art was released that it was going to be like the Jurassic River Adventure where everything is an animatronic. I would love to see the creatures that live in Pandora in a life-size animatronic instead of just being on a screen. 

Expedition Everest- Love It

This is one of my favorites rides at Animal Kingdom and I make a point to go on it every time I am there. Every time I go on this ride with someone who has never been on it before I tell them the story about the huge yeti animatronic inside the mountain. Basically, Disney built the entire mountain around the yeti and when this ride first opened this animatronic was so life like it was comparable to the Na’vi River animatronic. However, Disney engineers soon found the realistic movements of the yeti was literally ripping the mountain apart so to prevent that from happening they “turned down” the realism of the Yeti. Now the Yeti does this weird disco movement that people have come to make fun of. 

Festival of the Lion King – Update It

If you know me then you probably know that the Lion King is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies ever. So I have seen this show numerous times since I was just a baby…. the same show…. for  21 years. I think it may be time to update it a little bit. I don’t think Disney will update this show just because it is a crowd favorite and there really isn’t a reason it needs to be updated other than to please me. However, when this show was first thought of, Disney wanted it to be this big grand show but at the time Disney didn’t want to through that much money at this project so the Lion King show decided to use parade floats for their characters instead of having people play the characters.

This show was originally supposed to be very similar to the Broadway show and I think that is the update this show needs. I just hate seeing these cheesy parade floats represent the characters and I think having live actors would be much better. 

It’s Tough to be a Bug! – Hate It

This show has terrified me since the first time I saw it when I was around 4, and to be honest it is still scary. I have only been on it once this year, to escape the heat and I honestly forgot how early on in the show kids start to cry because they are scared. It really isn’t that great of a show and I think they need to replace it with something else.