Love it, Hate it, or Update it: Epcot

Each Disney park holds a special place in my heart and Epcot is no different. Which its rich history and charm, Epcot is one of my favorite parks to go to. However, over the years it has become no secret that the once renowned Disney park is a bit outdated. Thankfully, over the coming years, Epcot is going to be seeing the greatest amount of changes and updates. For now, though let’s take a look at five rides currently in the park. 

Spaceship Earth- Update It

This is one of the most recognizable rides in the world and some people may not even know it. Inside the 18 story ball at the entrance of Epcot is a ride that takes you through the history of mankind and a glimpse into what our future could hold. This is one of my favorite rides at Epcot because it typically doesn’t have a wait time higher than 10 minutes. It’s dark, cool, and relaxing. So this is a great ride to slow down and take a break. However, the ride has seen better days and with Seimens dropping its sponsorship I am interested to see what is in store for Spaceship Earth. I would love for them to update it and make it amazing once again but to be honest I only ride this to relax. 

Soarin’ – Update It

Soarin’ was pretty recently updated so now instead of just flying over parts of California you fly over several parts of the world including the African savannah, the Antarctic, India, China, and much more. The only complaint I have with this ride is due to the weird shape of the screen the video can be skewed. The intensity of the skew really depends on where you sit but you can really see this when you fly over the Eiffel Tower in Paris…. it looks like it is bending over. So if they fix that then this ride will be perfect. 

Frozen Ever After – Love It

I put this ride on this just so I could talk about Ipcot. “Ipcot” is what some Disney fans are calling Epcot most of the updates and changes coming to the park revolve around an IP (Intelectual Property). Their argument is that Epcot was originally intended to be a city but when that idea was dropped Disney decided to make Epcot all about Education and the Future.

So Epcot divided its park into two sections: Future World and World Showcase. World Showcase is where you can find all of the countries including the Frozen Ever After ride and in the coming years Disney is planning on adding more rides to each country since Frozen was such a huge success. Over in Future World, you would find several pavillions like Universe of Energy (Soon to be Guardians of the Galaxy ride), Wonders of Life (seasonal Festival Center), Horizons (Mission: Space), World of Motion (Test Track), Communicore (Innoventions), The Living Seas (Finding Nemo) , The Land, and The Imagination pavilion. Each of these pavilions showcased a specific element revolving around our world and how we use it. However, the only pavilions that are still there and operating are The Land and The Imagination pavilion, everything else has changed or been replaced.  

The issue is some Disney fans feel that by replacing these rides and attractions with something that revolves around a character or movie like Frozen the pavilion loses the education factor. However, I think that these characters are only going to help increase a child’s interest in the country or Future World pavilion. 

Test Track- Update It

Test Track originally replaced World of Motion and has since just gone through another update to make it more futuristic. However, people like to complain about this ride as well saying it looks too much like the Tron Universe. However, I think the ride is fun and I do really love going on it. The only thing I would I would do to it is ake the entire ride indoors. Right now there is a section called “The Speed Test” that takes you outdoors and you race around the back of the ride before heading back inside. Its a great part of the ride but since it rains so often in Florida this ride is often closed down to inclement weather conditions. They will literally close this ride if it gets a little cloudy out. So if you want to ride Test Track you better ride it in the morning because by the afternoon it will most likely be closed. It really irks me because this is one of Epcot’s most popular rides and its closed all the time because of the weather. 

Mission: Space- Hate It

This ride replaced Horizons, which was a massive upset. People LOVED Horizons and when Disney closed it down it had big shoes to fill. It would be like if they closed Space, Splash, or Thunder Mountain over in the Magic Kingdom. However, Disney was making big promises that the new ride that would replace Horizons would be incredible. Unfortunately, that isn’t what happened and to this day people are still bitter over the fact that Horizons was closed to make way for a crappy and dangerous ride that has killed several people. Honestly, I have been on both the intense and the non-intense version of this ride and I just don’t like it. It’s really not entertaining and I feel like a lot of time and money was spent on this ride but it just isn’t great. 

Let me know down in comments what your favorite ride and/or country is down in the comments!