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Marvel Mysteries: Elders of the Universe

The Marvel and DC universes are massive and most people only know a handful of characters that have been in movies. However, there are many more interesting characters out there. So I decided to start a new series called, Marvel Mysteries & DC Mysteries. 

Since the second Guardians of the Galaxy just came out I wanted to talk a little bit about The Collector. When the first movie came out a lot of people spiked an interest for this character because of his dire need to collect things. Why does he need to collect things in the first place? Well as it turns out The Collector is actually part of this elite group called The Elders of The Universe. 

What Are The Elders Of The Universe?

The Elders are among the oldest sentient creatures in the universe. Although they do not belong to the same race, they have come to regard on another as brothers. This is because their lifespans date back to the formation of the first primordial galaxies and because they have each chosen an area of specialty with which to fill their eons-long lives. In this way, they manage to overcome the inevitable boredom that would otherwise accompany their virtual immortality. 

How Many Elders Are There?

The exact number of Elders is unknown but many websites list anywhere from 13-25. However, there are 5 Elders who have had their run-ins with superheroes: The Grandmaster, The Collector, The Gardener, The Contemplator, and The Champion. 


The Grandmaster

The Grandmaster is one of the oldest living beings in the universe and his exact origin is unknown. However, we do know that he belonged to one of the first intelligent races to evolve after the Big Bang. At one point he possessed the Mind Gem, which is one of the six Infinity Stones, but he lost it to Thanos (and we all know what he does).  

He passes the time as a cosmic game player whose preferred game is pitting two opposing teams against each other. One time The Grandmaster challenged Death to a game os strategy, with the power t o resurrect his fellow Elder, The Collector as a prize. A large collection of Earth heroes were used as pawns by both sides of this game. The Grandmaster promised that if he won, he would never use Earth’s heroes as his pawns. Luckily he won, but he learned that the resurrection power could only be used if someone else died in the resurrectee’s place. Death suggested that The Grandmaster use one of the heroes’ lives to take the place of The Collector, but he was unwilling to break his promise of manipulating Earth’s heroes. So he sacrificed his own life to save The Collector. 

The Collector

The Collector lived on an unknown world for millions of years with his wife and child. Then over 3 billion years ago his wife lost the will to live and relinquished her immortality. The Collector realized that he would need a hobby to keep himself sane. So he began collecting interesting artifacts and life forms from around the universe. Like any good hoarder, his obsession got the best of him and he started collecting anything that he deemed rare or valuable. 

Also, The Collector has the power of prophecy, which allowed him to see the future where Thanos destroys everything… literally. So in order to protect the universe, The Collector created a massive museum of countless life forms to keep them same for Thanos. He even had all 6 infinity stones but they were taken from him by Thanos. 

The Gardener

Like the other Elders, The Gardener was a part of one of the first races to evolve after the Big Bang. He is obsessed with peace and quite, and of course his garden. He created an amazing garden on the Blue Area of the Moon using his Infinity Stone, the Time Gem. However, Adam Warlock, Spider-Man, and the Stranger were caught up in a battle on the moon and he used the stone along with the Soul Gem of Warlock and successfully slowed down Stranger enough to make him leave. After using the Time Gem in battle The Gardener feared that he corrupted it and wouldn’t be able to use it to make things grow faster. So he left it behind in search for a new place to start a garden, then Thanos found the stone… and then destroys everything… literally.

I think out of all the Elders, The Gardener is my favorite because literally he just wants a quiet place to grow his flowers and someone always comes along and ruins it. However, he does have a heroic side because he was one of the 11 Elders who banned together to restart the universe by killing Galactus. 

The Contemplator

When the Contemplator was young he decided to dedicate himself to philosophy, meditation, and developing his mind and spirit to plumb the mysteries of the universe. He first appeared in modern times when he came to Earth under the name “Mister Buda.” He took Captain America on a trip through time to witness important events in America’s past and future to teach him about America and himself. So for all of you people who were sad that Captain America never got to see Peggy again (until her death bed) you are wrong. 

The Champion 

Unlike the last two elders, The Champion passes his time by fighting the best warriors in the universe. In fact, his full title is The Champion of the Universe. He has fought superheroes like The Thing, Namor, Hulk, Colossus, Sasquatch, Thor, Doc Samson, and Wonder Man in a boxing match in Madison Square Garden. Which is definitely something I would actually want to see in Madison Square Garden.

However, when the match was actually about to happen The Champion ended up disqualifying Namor for refusing to stop training. Then he disqualified Doc Samson for not being sufficiently skilled to qualify as an opponent. The day of the boxing match, Thor was disqualified for throwing his hammer and not using it, since Thor is basically useless without it he was no longer a good opponent. Then Hulk was disqualified because Champion refused to “soil his hands on a mindless animal.” Wonder Man was disqualified for tearing up the ring after being so badly beaten in the first round. Sasquatch and Colossus were defeated in the first round. However, The Thing was able to put up some form of a fight because he lasted two rounds in the ring, which was longer than anyone else.