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My Biggest Fear

Neverland Poster

I am constantly facing my biggest fear and it is a fear that many creative people face. A good example of this is my youtube channel. I started my youtube channel back in 2012 and I was making little fan made music videos for One Direction song… trust me I know how lame that sounds. However, they became really successful and to this day they are still killing it. After my One Direction obsession ended I started doing Vlogs and those were very fun to do… and then one day I just stopped. My vlogs were not getting the number of views my music videos were and I felt that no matter what I did I would never reach that success again. So I stopped.

It’s not that I wanted to stop, I just felt that I could not come up with another good idea that would be able to compete with my successful videos…. so I just stopped making them. It was so painful. I would try to come up with an idea and end up talking myself out of it. Since then my youtube channel has become self-sustaining¬†and it has reached over 1,000,000 views.

I have come to realize that was not a one-time occurrence. I just closed down my Etsy shop. The first year my Esty shop was opened it was incredible I had several orders pouring in and eventually those started to dwindle down and I knew I had to start creating new things… but I couldn’t. Everything I made I felt that it wasn’t good enough to compete with my other stuff.

I need to learn how to just create for fun and not worry about constantly outdoing myself. I need to not worry about what people are going to think and do this for myself, because¬†making youtube videos made me happy and selling my creations on Etsy made me happy. Now I can’t do either of them because I am standing in my own way.