New Project: Why I Love Disney

If you know me or follow me on pretty much any social media platform, you know that I am a Dinsey fanatic. I was just able to afford my annual pass this June after my best friend Shannon bought me a 3-Day Magic Ticket for my birthday. After those 3 days, I was hooked and I could no longer deny my incredible draw to those Disney parks. It wasn’t long after when I was begging to go to Disney Springs every weekend and looking up annual pass ticket prices. Then finally I came the conclusion that I needed an annual pass and I could finally afford one. So I bought myself a Platinum Pass so I could go whenever I wanted without having to worry about blackout dates. 

I am the Lost Princess 

Ever since then I have been Disneybound just about every weekend and my coworkers, friends and family are constantly making fun of me. I get called “Disney Princess” or “Princess” on a regular basis… which I can’t say I mind. However, they always ask me “What do you do there?” “How is there anything there you haven’t done?” Truth be told there is quite a bit I haven’t done yet, but for the most part, I have my Disney bucket list mostly checked off. 

The Culture of Disney

What the people in my life don’t seem to understand is the rides and restaurants don’t make Disney. The whole culture of the park is what keeps bringing me back. People go to Disney every day in the hopes to have a fantastic family vacation and are very rarely let down. So Disney is flowing with good vibes, friendly cast members, great attractions, rides, and shows, and fantastic entertainment. Now multiply that by 4 because there are four separate parks you get all of that in one package. 

When people go on vacation to Disney, their time is very limited. They have to cram as much into one day as possible. Whereas I can go to the parks anytime I want and I can spend as much time as I want in those parks. For example, when Pandora first opened my friend Shannon and I spent all day waiting in line for Flights of Passage and the Navi River Adventure. We didn’t have to worry about making our next fast pass or missing a show… we just waited in line and absorbed every detail of Pandora. 

The Project

Anyway, I want to create a video that showcases why I love Disney so much and try to capture the culture of Disney in a single video… which I know is a pretty big goal. I want to showcase all the things I love about Disney and hopefully explain to my coworkers, friends, and family why I love Disney so much. 

This video is honestly going to push the boundaries of what I know how to do in film and video editing and I am so excited to spend hours on Youtube trying to find out how to do something. I have already begun filming this video and I have scheduled to release it in April of 2019 in lieu of one of my weekly podcasts.