New Projects Coming Soon

I know over the past few weeks I have been relatively quiet and I am here to say that the radio silence is going to be coming to an end. So let’s get into the ideas that I have spinning.

New To Etsy

One of the main things I want to accomplish is getting my Etsy Shop set up again and get some new products on there. I just reopened my store a few days ago and I am working on getting more things on there to buy. I want to focus on posters and postcards, stickers, and buttons. I don’t think I am going to be doing any more phone cases simply because I don’t make enough off of them.


I started a MailChimp account and I am currently collecting email subscriptions for my newsletter. Things you can expect in the Newsletter are giveaways, new Etsy Products (before they hit the store), upcoming events, blog posts, and more. So stay tuned because you won’t want to miss it.


I have been doing a lot more Photography recently and I am thinking about selling it. Just recently I got a Nikon P900 camera and it is amazing! I plan on going to a lot of different places to take some pictures to sell. Places like the Zoo, Florida beaches, Disney World, Universal, and much more.

Local Pride

One thing I really want to do is immerse myself in the Lakeland, FL culture. Luckily Lakeland has a massive art community that I would LOVE to get into. So I first of need to get my Etsy store on par and then I want to start making some Lakeland merchandise and really target the area I live.

So those are some of the new projects I want to start working on right away. I do have some more projects planned out for the future, like YouTube Videos but those won’t start happening until the end of the month or beginning of June. I also have another video planned for October.

I am happy to share with you that I have big things planned so stay tuned!

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