What Rides Would You Replace at the Magic Kingdom?

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When Walt Disney first created Disneyland and Disney World he called them a “work in progress,” because he knew that they would never be completed. He was open to changing his parks to match what was popular and upgrading rides and attractions to match the times. He wanted his parks to be evolutionary and to set […]

The Disney WaterColor Series

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The Disney WaterColor Series is a project that I just started working on for my Etsy Shop. The first 3 sets are all Disney Princesses (Cinderella, Belle, and Elsa) they are all currently on my Etsy Shop now available for purchase. Buy Your Posters Today! Elsa Posters Cinderella Posters Belle Posters Inspiration When I was brainstorming […]

Plot Holes: Finding Dory

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Yes, I am completely aware that this is a children’s movie and that not everything is supposed to make sense. However, this is Pixar and I hold them to a much higher standard. If you by chance have not seen Finding Dory… you need to seriously stop whatever you are doing and go watch it. Even […]

5 Worst Magic Kingdom Rides

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Last time I did my top 5 favorite rides at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, so naturally, I have to do the 5 worst rides. Now I am probably going to name one of your favorite rides but just keep in mind that this is my list, and your list is going to be different. So let’s […]

5 Best Magic Kingdom Rides

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Living in Florida definitely, has its perks, one of those is being incredibly close to Disney World. We go to Disney World as often as we can and here are the top 5 rides that I have to go on every single time I got to the Magic Kingdom. The People Mover This is by […]

Plot Holes: Get Out **Spoilers**

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  Last weekend I went to go see Get Out because it came highly recommended to me from several different people. I was excited to see it for several reasons, the main one being that it was written and directed by Jordan Peele and I love everything about that man. The other reason was that […]

What Are The Odds That You Exist?

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You are one of seven billion people living on Earth at this very moment and you one of the hundred billion homo sapiens to ever have lived here over the course of history. That in itself is pretty amazing because the probability of you existing at all is incredibly low. In most cases for you […]

Neverland Poster

My Biggest Fear

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I am constantly facing my biggest fear and it is a fear that many creative people face. A good example of this is my youtube channel. I started my youtube channel back in 2012 and I was making little fan made music videos for One Direction song… trust me I know how lame that sounds. […]

Abortion- The Gray Area

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We all knew I was going to talk about it sooner or later, but for those of you who have been in a 25-year coma and are just now waking up … I’m sorry. The abortion debate has been going on forever, but it has gotten really nasty these past few years. The battle between […]