Past Halloween Horror Nights: 21-26


Halloween Horror Nights have become a tradition that my friends and I take part in every year. Leading up to our return for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 27 I relived all the Horror Nights we have been to in the past. 

HHN 21

This was the first year we attended Halloween Horror Nights and the anticipation was too much for me to handle and the first house that we went in I closed my eyes the entire time. However, after that, I got over my fear and was able to enjoy the night a lot more. 

HHN 22

Also known as the worst year of Halloween Horror Nights history. This was the year the people at Universal decided to be incredibly lazy and instead of coming up with 6 differently themed scare zones, they decided the whole park was going to be a scare zone. Which I guess in theory sounds good but when it was actually put into place it was absolutely terrible. The scare actors were too spread out since they had to cover the entire park and part of my favorite things to do is go around to see each of the unique scare zones. Also, this was an awful year because we decided to go with people who did not want to go in any of the houses. So this year we only went in two and I can’t even remember anything about them because I was so mad. 

HHN 23

This year was much better than HHN 22, but it was still a little underwhelming since everything was The Walking Dead. There was just too much Walking Dead and at the time I was a pretty big fan of the show. However, we did go in the Cabin in the Woods house which was absolutely the best house that we went in all night. The movie was eh but the house was incredible. 

HHN 24

Finally, the scare zones redeemed themselves! This was the year of 3 of my favorite scare zones: FaceOff, The Purge, and Mask-erade. Being a big fan of the show FaceOff I was excited to see the makeup in person for the first time. Also, the makeup and costumes for the Mask-erade were incredible. However, my all-time favorite scare zone was The Purge. This was right around the time when the second Purge movie had come out and so everyone was really into this scare zone. They had an auction where you could buy people to kill and the actors and actresses really emersed you into The Purge world. It was such a massive scare zone that I really think they did a fantastic job with it. 

HHN 25 

We knew this was going to be a fun year since it was the 25th anniversary and this was the first and only year we did every single house, scare zone, and we saw the Bill & Ted show (it should be noted that we have seen the Bill & Ted show every single year since we started going and HHN will not be the same without it). This was the year I did my first 3D house and I wasn’t really a fan because it gave me a massive headache. 

HHN 26

This year, we did all of the houses except for one and the scare zones for this year were alright and same with the houses. This year was definitely not the worst but it was not one that sticks out as one of my favorites. We also did a 3D house this year as well and after that, I will never do another 3D house ever again. I got so sick after Lunatics Playground 3D I couldn’t even enjoy the rest of the house. So thankfully for HHN 27, there is no 3D house I will have to be dragged through.