Paw Prints Final Custom Print

Coming Soon To Etsy!

I am so happy to share this completed project with everyone. I just love how it came out, this is definitely something that I will be adding to my shop. The wood look just gives it a warm, rustic, homey feel that a lot of people really enjoy. I know the Home and Garden Channel LOVE Rustic things right now, plus being in the south, Rustic is always a welcomed theme.

Like I said I will be creating an Etsy listing for this, and like this one it is going to be completely custom. I am going to allow people to send in pictures of their dogs or they can use one of my precut ones. I am also going to let people choose their own background and message. Then obviously the name(s) will be different.

This is really the perfect gift for any dog lover to commemorate a dog that has passed away or one you are currently sharing your home with. I might even expand this project into cats and horses… or really any pet.

If you would like a custom piece like this, you can contact me here and we can get working on your project!!

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