Podcast: Why the iPhone X & iPhone 8 are the Worst

After having no power for the last week and we currently still don’t have any internet, getting this published to Youtube was definitely a challenge. However, here it is in all its glory. 

I talked a little bit about this topic in a blog post I posted a few days ago that you can read here. However, the rage was too strong and I needed to talk more about this topic. See Apple likes to do this thing where they take technology we have had and then they slightly change it and then call it a whole new thing. 

What’s Up Next

The next podcast that I will publish will be called: Love It, Hate It, or Update It. This is a running series I want to do for Disney and Universal rides, shows, and/or attractions. So the next podcast, my brother and I discuss the rides and show at Universal Studios that we either love, hate, or think need to be updated. After we cover Universal and Islands of Adventure we will head on over to the most magical place on Earth and tear it apart. 

You can also plan on us talking about our trip to Halloween Horror Nights and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in the upcoming months.