Pokemon GO Neon Posters

Pokemon GO Poster Proof

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They have finally arrived, my Pokemon Go Neon Posters! I made myself sit down the other day and make these because with the Pokemon Craze still upon us I would be silly if I didn’t get in on this action.

About the Posters

I had trouble coming up with an idea on what I could do that was Pokemon GO related… I knew that just about everyone on Etsy was doing something Pokemon GO so I had to come up with something different. I also realized that my Panic! at the Disco posters were doing amazing. So I decided to do each Pokemon GO team as their own neon sign.

I absolutely love these posters! I love them so much I bought all three of them… even though Valor is the best.

Each poster is 11×17, for a larger or smaller size you can contact me for the details. 11×17 id just the most popular size among Etsy buyers. The posters go for $20 each or you can get all 3 for $45.

About My PokemonGO

I was never into Pokemon as a kid so when this game first came out I really didn’t care, but I decided to download it just to see what everyone was talking about. That was day one… I am now on level 20 and I have 88 of the 250 Pokemon. I can’t wait for them to fix the tracking feature because I really hate walking around blind just hoping for Pokemon to pop up because I refuse to cheat!