Why Real Estate is the Best Place for a Graphic Designer

I have been working as a full-time graphic designer and marketing specialist for S&D Real Estate Services for about a year now and I have come to realize that the Real Estate industry is a gold mine for graphic designers. Here is why…

1. Real Estate Agents Sell Houses, That’s It.

All real estate agents what to do is get listings, find leads, and sell houses so they can get paid. They don’t want to spend time doing marketing and normally they go for a quick and cheap option. Normally agents find an online source that prints generic postcards or other marketing materials and that used to work back in the 80’s but now people are looking for originality. Agents would much rather come to an in-house designer and be able to customize whatever they want.

2. Stuck in the Past

Most successful agents have been in the industry for a long time and are normally set in their ways. Your job is to disrupt that and make it better. When I look back at all the things that I have changed about the way we market ourselves the differences are staggering. Like I mentioned before most agents are still using the same products and services that they used back in the 80’s. Most small real estate places have awful websites and promotional material to match. So you will basically get to redo everything they already have and everything they are going to want in the future. When I started working at S&D I did pretty much a whole new brand design. New business cards, tri-folds, website, blog, several different kinds of postcards, sticky notes, car sun shades, notebooks, flyers, anything and everything social media, and much more!

3. Connections, Connections, Connections

Have you ever heard the saying “It’s all about who you know,” well that is an incredibly true statement. Realtors have a TON of connections. It is part of their job to be connected to as many people as possible because everyone you meet is a potential client. That, in turn, means that you are going to be connected to those people as well and when they need graphic design services the first person your realtor is going to recommend is you. Since I started I am now managing the Ducks Unlimited Facebook for Bartow-Mulberry, Lakeland, and soon the whole state. I also do most if not all the graphic design they need for their various events throughout the year.

4. Graphic Design and Real Estate Go Hand in Hand

Real estate agents need printed promotional items, websites, photography of new listings, and a great social media presence, but they don’t have time to do all that. That is where you come in! You provide all the services a real estate agent needs, plus they provide you with not only money but connections to future money. So it really is a win-win situation.