Social Media for Business Services

My question I pose to you is: How do you succeed at social media for businesses that don’t offer a product. I currently do the social media marketing for a Real Estate company and I have found that social media is a lot different for people who don’t sell products.

Now obviously Real Estate companies sell houses, but you can’t have a buy one get one sale with houses. In Real Estate you are trying to sell the service of expertise to a potential buyer or seller because they hire agents to list their house and/ or find them a house to buy. So in Real Estate, it is more about selling your service, than selling the house. I also do freelance work for a money management company, and they have the same issue. They don’t have a physical product for people to buy, they are trying to sell their service of managing money.

I use these two types of companies as examples but there are plenty more, but I personally experience these issues every day when I go to work.

How do you promote a service that people are scared of? People are scared of big commitments like Real Estate and Money Management, the best idea that I came up with was to try and simplify the process, but at the end of the day you could be buying a  $300,000 home or putting money into an account to be invested. People typically don’t like risks, and it is part of my job to help them see that this risk isn’t as scary as it looks.

When I first got into doing Graphic Design and Marketing for a Real Estate company I had no idea it would turn out to be as rewarding or challenging as it is. In Real Estate, like I said before, you are selling your service. That comes first because that is the long game. Second is selling the house because that is the short game. Getting the listing is the hardest part of the job, once you have it everything gets much easier. At the end of the day, the house is going to sell itself. That being said my primary job, is to get leads that turn into listings. The same thing goes for a Money Management company, the main job is to get leads that translate into people investing their money with the company.

To try and answer my own question of, how to social media to promote a risky service, is to try to make your service less risky or scary. Gain as much trust and credibility with your audience as possible. For example, when most people are looking for a Real Estate agent, more people are comfortable going with a larger company because they know they are legit. It is a lot less scary than going with a small Real Estate company.