Stranger Things Poster

Stranger Things Poster

With all this buzz about Netflix’s new show Stranger Things, I decided to watch it and I basically fell in love with it! If you have not watched it yet… go do that … like right now. For all of you that have watched it and love it as much as I do, I created a poster that you are going to LOVE.

My Stranger Things Poster is really simple and creepy just how I wanted it. I used my neon sign technic to create the logo. Instead of putting it on the brick background like I have been, I decided to go with a creepy forest background. I felt like this was fitting since a majority of the show takes place in the forest.

Make It Yours!Stranger Things Poster Close Up

Like all my other posters this poster comes in 11×17, for larger or smaller sizes I ask that you please contact me directly. This is because pricing on large format prints changes all the time so I want to give you an accurate price.

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