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6 Truths About Online College

I’m taking online classes right now because it works best with my work schedule. I really love taking my classes online because I can pretty much do the work whenever I want and I don’t have to plan my day around actually going to class. However, there ae a few things that bother me about taking online classes.

1.Making Friends is Really Hard

I have been taking online classes for about 2 years now and I have yet to make a friend. I accidentally scheduled for a regular class I had to actually go to once and I made friends within a few days. It’s just so different online. When you aren’t forced to talk to each other you don’t. We have assignments where we have to comment on posts that our classmates make and none of them are legit comments. We are all just doing this for the grade. I feel like actually going to the classes is part of the college experience and since I don’t go I am really lacking that college experience. However, I never really wanted the college experience. I wanted to get my degree as fast as possible and then get a job in my field. So online classes work better for me in the long run but it wouldn’t hurt if I made a friend along the way.

2. Either Really Hard or Really Easy

There really is no in between. Your online class is either going to be really hard or really easy and it is all up to the professor. Math was one of the hardest subjects I have ever taken online because you have to get the answer exactly right or you get the whole question wrong. I really hate this process because your answer could be right but since you typed it differently it’s wrong. For example, if the answer to the question is 1,268 and you type 1268 into the answer box, you will get it wrong because you didn’t include the comma. A regular math teacher would have counted it right or maybe taken points off but they would not have counted the whole problem wrong over a comma. Other classes, you can pass with flying colors without ever buying the book.

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3. Contacting Your Professor is a Pain!

If you are experiencing technical difficulties when trying to submit an assignment or you simply have a question you could be stuck waiting awhile. Luckily I have only had to contact my professor a handful of times but the wait was agony. The convenience of being able to ask your teacher a question in person and get a response instantly is a luxury I didn’t know I would be missing. When you have a question about something you usually have to email the professor or some have questions forums, but either way you are going to have to wait a few hours. This is especially frustrating when you waited until the last minute and your assignment is due at midnight and the website is not submitting it.

4. You’re Basically On Your Own

Another one of the pleasures of going to actual class is you can talk to your classmates. If you have a paper to write and have no idea what you are going to do you can talk to your classmates for help. However, when you take online classes you are pretty much on your own.

5. It’s Really Easy to Fall Behind

When you go to class online you can sometimes forget that you have class at all. One time I thought that we had started class a week later than we actually did and when I found out that class had already started I was a week behind. Online classes also take a lot of self-discipline. It is really easy to just no log on and not do your class work.

6. You Don’t Always Get Breaks Off

Say good-bye to spring break, easter, thanksgiving, and all those other little holidays that got you out of school. Since you can do online classes anytime from where ever you don’t get holidays off. This year I got 3 weeks off at Christmas and that was it. I normally don’t even get a summer break.

Online College is not for everyone but for me it was the best fit. I know I just made a list of 6 things I can’t stand about it but honestly, the pros outweigh the cons. I like the freedom of being able to “go to class” whenever and where ever I want.