What Rides Would You Replace at the Magic Kingdom?

When Walt Disney first created Disneyland and Disney World he called them a “work in progress,” because he knew that they would never be completed. He was open to changing his parks to match what was popular and upgrading rides and attractions to match the times. He wanted his parks to be evolutionary and to set a higher standard for theme parks around the world.

However, many hard-core Walt Disney lovers have fallen victim to turning Disneyland and Disney World into a museum full of outdated rides that have been in the parks since opening day. Personally, I believe that any ride can and should be replaced or upgraded if it is out-of-date. It is honestly what Walt would have wanted. So I am going to go through the rides I believe need to be replaced or updated! Alright strap yourself in and please keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle at all time, this is going to be a long post.

Tomorrow Land

First up is Tomorrow Land, aka Out-Dated Land. Walt Disney’s vision for this Land to be on the cutting edge of technology. Tomorrow Land was supposed to show what the future would be like and now it is just a representation of what people in the 60’s thought the future would be like. It is almost laughable.

  1. Stitch’s Great Escape – I have expressed my dislike for this ride in a previous post. There have been rumors that it is going to be replaced with a Wreck-It Ralph Ride, however, as much as I agree that this ride needs to go I don’t think this is the right ride to replace it with. Wreck-it Ralph doesn’t scream “future” to me. I would like to see a Wall-e ride instead. Maybe a Wall-e & Eve guided tour of the Axiom?
  2. NASCAR Speed Way- This ride also made my “worst rides” post. I would love to see a Tron ride like they one that is in Shanghai. I am not much of a Tron fan but the ride itself look really awesome plus it would be another thrill ride to add to the list at the Magic Kingdom with would attract more of a Millennial demographic.
  3. Walt-Disney’s Carousel of Progress- Now I know this ride has a massive following and the thought of getting rid of it or even replacing it angers a lot of people…. I am not one of those people. However, I know that Walt Disney was incredibly supportive of education and therefore I think this ride should stay but go through a massive upgrade. I think it should start in the 60s, then go to the 80’s, 2000’s, and then the last room should be the prediction of the future. That is what the ride was supposed to be anyway. Originally the last room was a prediction of the future and now it is just what we have now.

Adventure Land

Adventure Land is where guests are able to explore the world without leaving the park, at least that was the idea. This Land has 4 Rides/ Attractions and every one of them needs help.

  1. Swiss Family Tree House- This needs to burn. I hate this attraction so much that it hurts. This “attraction” is so boring and pointless. I mean it is just stairs.  It irks me that instead of this awful thing, Disneyland has the Tarzan’s Tree House. Which is a MUCH better idea!! I think my biggest problem with this attraction is most children don’t even know who the Swiss Family is (I don’t) and it would be much more interesting as the Tarzan Tree House. It is literally bringing a part of the movie to life. A movie that people love and watch on a regular basis, or at least more regularly than the Swiss Family.
  2. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin- This is another ride that just needs to go. I don’t think it should really be replaced with another ride either. The area that it is in can get incredibly crowded and if it wasn’t there the crowd flow would be so much better. However, that would leave adventure land with the fewest rides and attraction in the whole park so I think it would be cool to replace it with a circular stage and have an Aladdin show. The show could be based on the opening scenes of the movie where Aladdin is stealing bread. It would be really cool because a crowd of guest would gather and it would be incredibly inclusive.
  3. The Jungle Cruise- Personally, I love this ride and I think it has earned the right to stay. However, it definitely needs to be upgraded. I mean we have all seen what Disney is capable of with animatronics now. Imagine that level of technology in the Jungle cruise… the animals would look real!
  4. Pirates of the Carribean- I love this ride! BUT, I have seen the Pirates of the Carribean that opened in Shanghai and I want that! Update!

Frontier Land

Out of all the Land’s in the Magic Kingdom I think this one needs the least work. However, if the other Lands are getting a facelift then this one would be left in the dust.

  1. Tom Sawyer Island- This area is basically a giant play area for children, which I am ok with. I mean yeah I would love to see another thrill ride go here but I am ok with a themed play area for kids to burn off some energy. So I think it just needs to be re-themed to something else. Maybe Bambi or Pocahontas or a cool combination of both. I just really value the importance of theming with timeless characters. I don’t think it would take much effort to make the transition.
  2. Country Bear Jamboree- This is a cute idea but I think it needs to be updated. I think it would be cool to have the bears voiced by famous country stars and have them sing some songs together. And for the love of God update the animatronics.

Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land or as I like to call it “Nostalgia Land.” This Land is one of the most iconic and beloved areas in the park… so let’s tear it apart.

  1. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh- I have a special connection to this ride and I would love to see it get the update it deserves. They updated the queue of the ride which looks really cute so I hope they don’t stop there. This ride is incredibly popular even without the upgrades, but I still think this classic ride deserves a good remodel.
  2. Mickey’s PhilharMagic- Every time I go on this I can’t help but think how amazing it could be and the fact that it isn’t where it should be, irks me. The 3D is tired and there are so many cool things that could be done with this ride. Plus Disney has a ton more characters to incorporate into the movie. Personally, I don’t really want to go to Disney to watch a movie unless it is extraordinary.
  3. It’s A Small World- Hear me out before your burn me at the steak. For the most part, I want to keep this ride the same. The only thing I really want to change is the background and pretty much everything but the dolls themselves. I also don’t think it would be such an awful idea to have a welcome sign to each country, nationality, and/ or area of the world. Other than the backgrounds, animals, and other ride elements I really like the dolls and the idea behind the ride but I think it is due for an upgrade.
  4. Cinderella’s Castle- I don’t really want to alter anything about the castle but I want to add something to it. At Disneyland, you can go inside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and walk through it and it pretty much tells you the story of Sleeping Beauty. I think this would be a really fun and cool attraction to add to the castle.

Ok well, that completes my list of everything I would like to see change at the Magic Kingdom. I am sure some of you are about ready to kill me, but just keep in mind this is just my opinion.

What rides would you change or update at the Magic Kingdom? What are your favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom and why?